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Andreas Giger, Project Director

Louisiana State University

SMI Project Committee

This project, initiated and run by Andreas Giger, is designed to extend the Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum and to continue the endeavor of capturing all texts on music theory and aesthetics in electronic form. Saggi musicali italiani focuses first and foremost on the major treatises written in Italian, allowing them to be browsed, and searched. SMI will eventually comprise all printed materials from the Renaissance to the present. For more information please consult the Introduction to Saggi musicali italiani.


The data contained in Saggi musicali italiani (hereafter SMI) is made available to scholars for non-commercial educational use and scholarship. It has been compiled from public domain and copyrighted materials. Copyrighted materials have been included in SMI by permission of the copyright holders, who reserve all rights to their materials. The Center for the History of Music Theory and Literature claims copyright on the compilation, the encoding system, the Introduction, the SMI Canon, and all individual text and graphics files created and edited by the SMI staff from public domain material. SMI believes that non-commercial use of SMI by scholars in searching for words and phrases would constitute "fair use" under the law. Nevertheless, the users of SMI are individually responsible for insuring that their own use of these materials does not violate the rights of any third parties. Neither Louisiana State University, Indiana University, the SMI Project Director nor any member of the SMI staff shall be responsible for any improper or unlawful use of the materials contained in SMI.