eZ Components 2008.2

Expected release date: End of 2008


In this release our main focus is to add MVC support to the eZ Components. Besides this main focus, we will also enhance some of the critical components that the upcoming version of eZ Publish will require.

New components

We are planning the following new components:


Where most frameworks dedicate a specific router, controller and view, the MVC implementation in eZ Components will only consist of very loosely based parts. For each of the specific parts of MVC we will provide one or more default implementations, as well as detailed information on how to write your own implementations of a Model, View and Controller. Of course most of those implementations will be done through Tie-in components.

Enhancing existing components

Additionally, the existing components will be improved further. Major parts here are the following:

Developer Mode




For the full list: http://issues.ez.no/RoadMap.php?Id=824&ProjectId=1 and http://issues.ez.no/FilterApply.php?Filter=72&ProjectId=1 .