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Data entry: Peter M. Lefferts
Checked by: Peter Slemon
Approved by: Peter M. Lefferts

Fn and Ft: TUCKEM_MLBLA103
Author: Anonymous
Title: On colors in music
Source: London, British Library, Additional 10366, ff. 97v-98r, 106v.

[-f.97v-] [Nota bene in marg.] Rede to blacke ys sequealtra As thus: [Lr,L]

The blake long contenyzth as much as the rede

And halfe as much more. wherefor thar must nedes be betwen them sesquealtra et est diapente in sonis

Yelow to blake ys superseptiparciens nonas scilicet 16 ad 9 et continet in sonis bis diatessaron

Blew to blake ys sesquetercia sicut 4 ad 3 et in sonis vocatur diatessaron

Grene to blake ys sesqueoctaua et est in sonis tonus

Fild red to fild blake. and voyd red to voyd blake ys alway sesquealtra As thus [Lr,L] and thus [Lrv,Lv]

Voyd blake to fild blake. or voyd red to fild rede ys alway dupla

Voyd rede to fild [to f del.] blake ys tripla

Voyd blake to voyd rede ys sesquetercia

[-f.98r-] [material in Latin]

Colores requesyt to musycal proporsyons byeth thes

Blake Grene blew rede yelow

Colores in ordine sunt isti

Blake grene yelwe blewe rede sangwyn purpull

Grene to blake and red to blew ys proporcio sesqueoctaua

Item blew to blake and yelwe to blew ys proporcio sesquetercia

Item red to blake ys sesquealtra. Item rede to grene sesquetercia

Item Rede to blew sesqueoctona.

[-ff.98v-106r-] [material in Latin]

[-f.106v-] Blacke full ys perfet of the more

Blacke voyde ys perfet of the lesse

Rede full ys imperfet of the more

Red voyde ys imperfet of the lesse

Rede full to blacke full ys sesqealtera 3|2|

Red voyde to blacke full ys tripla

Blacke voyde to blacke full ys Dupla

Red voyde to blacke voyde ys sesquealtera

Red full to blacke voyde ys sesquetercia

Red voyde to rede full ys Dupla

Blacke voyde to rede full ys sesquetercia

Blacke full to red full ys sesquealtera

Blacke full to rede voyde ys subtripla

Blacke full to blacke voyde is subdupla

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