Line blocks

Lend us a couple of bob till Thursday.
I'm absolutely skint.
But I'm expecting a postal order and I can pay you back as soon as it comes.
Love, Ewan.

Another one:

This is a line block. It ends with a blank line.
New lines begin with a vertical bar ("|").
Line breaks and initial indent are significant, and preserved.
Continuation lines are also possible. A long line that is intended to wrap should begin with a space in place of the vertical bar.
The left edge of a continuation line need not be aligned with the left edge of the text above it.

This is a second line block.

Blank lines are permitted internally, but they must begin with a "|".

Take it away, Eric the Orchestra Leader!

A one, two, a one two three four

Half a bee, philosophically,
must, *ipso facto*, half not be.
But half the bee has got to be,
*vis a vis* its entity. D'you see?

But can a bee be said to be
or not to be an entire bee,
when half the bee is not a bee,
due to some ancient injury?


The end.