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Fn and Ft: PSAL1572_TEXT
Author: Sternhold, Thomas
Title: To the Reader
Source: Thomas Sternhold and John Hopkins, The Whole Booke of Psalmes, Collected into Englishe Metre by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins and Others, Conferred with the Ebrue, with apt Notes to sing them withall (London: John Daye, 1572) [STC 2442], sig. Aiv.
Graphics: PSAL1572 01GF

[-f.Aiv-] TO THE READER.

THou shalt vnderstand (gentle Reader) that I haue (for the helpe of those that are desyrous to learne to syng) caused a new Print of Note to be made with letters to be ioyned by euery Note: Whereby thou mayst knowe how to call euery Note by his right name, so that with a very little diligence (as thou art taught in the Introduction printed heertofore in the Psalmes) thou mayst the more easelie by the vewing of these letters come to the knowledge of perfecte Solfyng: wherby thou mayst sing the Psalmes the more spedely and easlier. The letters be these. V. for Vt, R. for Re, M. for My, F. for Fa, S. for Sol, L for La. Thus where thou seest any letter ioyned by the note, you may easely call him by his right name, as by these two examples you may the better perceiue.

[Sternhold, Psalmes, f.Aiv; text: Vt, Re, My, Fa, Sol, La] [PSAL1572 01GF]

Thus I committe thee vnto him that liueth for ever, who graunt that we may sing wyth our hartes and mindes vnto the glory of hys holy name. Amen.

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