ez components / introduction

Why eZ Components?

eZ Components is a high-quality library of independent components that aid in the development of Web-centric applications.

Powerful and Independent

eZ Components is engineered with a full feature set in mind, providing you with powerful building blocks for your application.

Each component is also completely independent from the other components, which allows you to choose exactly which parts of the library you want to use in your application. The eZ Components library does not dictate how you organize your application; instead, it provides you with the flexibility to decide how and when to use each component. In addition, all of the components' APIs are engineered in a similar way, making them as consistent as possible.

Effective and High Quality

A library's usefulness stems from its individual components. Each eZ Component focuses its attention on solving important parts of Web application development. The components are lean and effective, created to solve specific recurring issues that developers face.

Quality is of utmost importance. The eZ Components development team uses a test-driven development methodology that maximizes API usability. This results in a robust and reliable API.

Easily Accessible, Open Source, Company-Backed

Documentation is what makes working with a components library such as eZ Components accessible. Good documentation is extremely valuable because it enables developers to get the most out of the library. For each of the components, the documentation includes a tutorial that introduces the API and gives an overview of the functionality, as well as a thorough API reference specification. Additionally, articles build on top of the documentation to provide more in-depth information about specific components.

eZ Components is published under an open license model. The New BSD license is very permissive and opens up the use of the library to as many developers as possible. An open source license also facilitates stronger community involvement.

All of the development processes are well-documented and made as transparent as possible for users and external contributors. The eZ Components team is responsible for code and project maintenance and oversees that the development processes are followed. Users are thus assured that eZ Components can be counted on for ongoing quality, relevance, and usefulness.