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[+] Lowe-Dugmore, Rachel. “Frederick Delius and Norway.” Studies in Music 6 (1972): 27-41.

Even in his earliest compositions, Frederick Delius showcased the influence of Norwegian music and Edvard Grieg on his practice. Letters from Edvard Grieg to Delius demonstrate that the composer encouraged the young Delius to pursue his compositional craft. Further letters indicate Grieg provided comments and criticism on Delius’s works, including Song of the High Hills, which developed from the overture Paa Vidderne. Norwegian influence is shown in other works by Delius, such as the use of the Norwergian national anthem Ja, vi elsker dette landet in the 1897 play Folkeraadet. Additionally, Delius’s song Over the Hills and Far Away shows direct homage to Grieg. The period of 1909–12 marks a move away from pure Impressionism in Delius’s work, to an imitation of human states, culminating in the composer’s post-Impressionist stage, which had its roots in his Norwegian influenced works.

Works: Delius: Paa Vidderne (34), Song of the High Hills (35, 40), Folkeraadet (37), Over the Hills and Far Away (38), Life’s Dance (39–40).

Sources: Rikard Nordraak: Ja, vi elsker dette landet; Delius: Paa Vidderne.

Index Classifications: 1800s, 1900s

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