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[+] Maniates, Maria Rika. "Combinative Chansons in the Dijon Chansonnier." Journal of the American Musicological Society 23 (1970): 228-81.

The combinative chansons of the Dijon Chansonnier (Dijon, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS 517) demonstrate characteristics of a well-defined genre. All of the combinative chansons of the Dijon Chansonnier feature a forme fixe in the Superius, with inner voices employing a popular melody, usually a chanson à refrain. In many cases, the popular melody is presented in canon. The aim of these chansons was to combine popular and courtly styles in a humorous and ironic way. Courtly and popular texts were presented in succession. True stylistic integration was undesirable because it would have hidden the antithetical construction of the combinative elements. Appendices provide an annotated list of combinative compositions and a catalogue and transcriptions of popular melodies quoted in the combinative chansons.

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