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[+] Maniates, Maria Rika. "Combinative Chansons in the Escorial Chansonnier." Musica disciplina 39 (1975): 61-125.

The combinative chansons of the Escorial Chansonnier (Escorial, Biblioteca del Monasterio, MS IV.a.24) show that while the witty textual allegory had reached sophisticated levels quite early, musical techniques were slower to develop. Imitative and canonic use of the popular tunes, as well as true triple chansons, did not appear for another generation. Nevertheless, some of the combinative chansons of the Escorial Chansonnier show considerable musical sophistication. Diagrams show how courtly and popular materials are distributed among voice parts. Appendices provide an annotated list of combinative compositions and a catalogue and transcriptions of popular melodies quoted in the combinative chansons.

Works: O Rosa bella/Hé Robinet (69, 107); Se je suis despourvue/Veni veni clerice (79-80, 108-10); A Florence/Hélas la fille Guilhemin (63-65, 7172, 111-13); N'oés-vous point le coc/Cocq en l'orge (74-75, 115-16); Madame de nom/Sur la rive de la mer (71, 118-19)

Index Classifications: 1400s

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