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[+] Miller, Clement A. "The Musical Source of Brumel's Missa Dringhs." Journal of the American Musicological Society 21 (Summer 1968): 200-204.

Brumel's Mass is a parody Mass based on his own chanson Tous les regretz, of which two versions exist: (1) Florence, Conservatorio L. Cherubini, MS Basevi 2442, and (2) Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, MS 11239. One rhythmic feature of the superius (a dotted semibreve followed by two fusa) only appears in the Florence MS and the Mass and it seems thus likely that the version in the Italian source was the actual model. Not only melodic but also harmonic elements are preserved. The first six harmonies of the homophonic chanson can be found either expanded or contracted in the predominantly homophonic Mass. Occasional imitative duo sections draw on motives from the chanson as well.

Works: Brumel: Missa Dringhs

Sources: Brumel: Tous les regretz

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