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[+] Monson, Craig. "'Throughout All Generations': Intimations of Influence in the Short Service Styles of Tallis, Byrd and Morley." In Byrd Studies, ed. Alan Brown and Richard Turbet, 83-111. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1992.

The purveyors of Anglican Church music in the late sixteenth century followed a close student-teacher relationship over several generations. In the case of Thomas Tallis, his student William Byrd, and the third generation, Thomas Morley, there is a tradition of emulation and borrowing which manifests itself in their Short Services and Triple-Time Services. Byrd's setting of the Te Deum, in his Short Service, contains harmonic patterns and melodic figures that were clearly derived from the Tallis version. In the Nunc Dimittis, Byrd imitates the manner in which Tallis introduces increasing amounts of imitation throughout a movement, and the interplay Tallis employs between the soprano and the lower voices. Morley is indebted to his mentor William Byrd, in terms of tonal outlines, and also to Thomas Tallis, with borrowings at specific harmonic points.

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Sources: Thomas Tallis: Short Service (83-100).

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