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[+] Morton, Lawrence. "Footnotes to Stravinsky Studies: Le Sacre du printemps." Tempo, no. 128 (March 1979): 9-16.

In his Memories and Commentaries (with Robert Craft), Stravinsky asserted having borrowed only one folk tune from a Lithuanian anthology for his opening bassoon melody of The Rite of Spring. An investigation of this Lithuanian source (Anton Juszkiewicz, Litauische Volks-Weisen, Cracow, 1900) reveals that Stravinsky, consciously or unconsciously, used many more folksongs (or significant sections thereof). The pitches usually correspond exactly, whereas rhythms are changed and grace-notes added. In all the examples cited, Stravinsky transposed the original and sometimes only raised or lowered a single note.

Works: Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring.

Sources: Anton Juszkiewicz, Litauische Volks-Weisen: Nos. 34, 113, 142, 157, 249, 271, 314, 359, 539, 641, 787, and 1785.

Index Classifications: 1900s

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