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[+] Neighbour, Oliver. "Brahms and Schumann: Two Opus Nines and Beyond." 19th-Century Music 7 (Spring 1984): 266-70.

Brahms's Schumann Variations, Op. 9 refer to the theme of Schumann's Variations Op. 9. The influence of Schumann is evident in Brahms's approach to variation form, in his association of certain variations with certain characters, and in the allusion to other pieces by Schumann besides the variation set. Variations 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all refer in some way or another to works by Schumann. Variation No. 10 refers to Clara Schumann's Romance upon which Schumann based his Impromptus, Op. 5. Furthermore, Clara Schumann's Variations Op. 20 are based on the first Albumblatt of Schumann's Bunte Blätter, Op. 99. In his Intermezzo, Op. 76, No. 4, Brahms refers to Carnival and includes the A-S-C-H motto. This also constitutes reference to his own Op. 9, No. 11.

Works: Brahms: Schumann Variations, Op. 9 (266), Intermezzo, Op. 76, No. 4 (268); Clara Schumann: Variations, Op. 20.

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