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[+] Noblitt, Thomas L. "Contrafacta in Isaac's Missae Wohlauf, Gesell, von hinnen." Acta Musicologica 46 (July/December 1974): 208-16.

Isaac was a prolific composer and well-known in his time. The idea of contrafacta was widespread among composers of the period, and there are many instances of this procedure in Isaac's works. One particularly striking example is found in his Missae Wohlauf, Gesell, von hinnen, one for four voices, the other for six voices. Noblitt shows that the Mass for six voices is largely a contrafactum of the version for four voices, with the movements of the original rearranged and expanded for the later work.

Works: Isaac: Missae Wohlauf, Gesell, von hinnen.

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