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[+] Payne, Ian. "Double Measures: New Light on Telemann and Bach." The Musical Times 139 (Winter 1998): 44-45.

A recent study of the manuscript of Telemann's Flute Concerto, Kross Fl. G1 (TWV51:G2) in G major, reveals that the bass part does survive. This discovery allows a reconstruction of the piece. The headings on two solo part copies indicate that the concerto was intended for either oboe or flute solo. These findings make a more significant discovery: J. S. Bach borrowed literally the first three measures of Telemann's opening Largo to the beginning of the slow movement of his Keyboard Concerto in A-flat major, BWV 1056. More studies show that Bach borrowed this musical material prior to the Keyboard Concerto, namely in a D minor Oboe Concerto, and the opening Sinfonia to his Cantata of 1729, Ich steh mit einem Fuss in Grabe, BWV 156.

Works: J. S. Bach: Keyboard Concerto in A-flat Major, BWV 1056/ii (45).

Sources: Telemann: Flute Concerto in G Major, TWV 51: G2 (Kross Fl. G 1) (45).

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