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[+] Pelnar, Ivana. "Neu entdeckte Ars-Nova-Sätze bei Oswald von Wolkenstein." Die Musikforschung 32 (January/March 1979): 26-33.

Pelnar shows that two separately notated parts in the Wolkenstein manuscript A (fols. 17r and 18r) belong together, constituting the song Frölichen so wel wir, which in turn is a contrafactum of the ballad Ay je cause destre lies et joyeux. In this and a second contrafactum (Frölich, zärtlich, lieplich based on the rondeau En tes doulz flans), Pelnar shows that in order to realize a better relation between the new text and the music, Oswald also made some melodic and rhythmic changes.

Works: Oswald von Wolkenstein: Frölichen so wel wir (26-30), Frölich, zärtlich, lieplich und klärlich, lustlich, stille, leise (31-32).

Index Classifications: 1400s

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