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[+] Perrin, Robert H. "Descant and Troubadour Melodies: A Problem in Terms." Journal of the American Musicological Society 16 (Fall 1963): 313-24.

The word "descantava" in a Provençal vida of the troubador Gui d'Uisel refers not to the addition of a descant, or upper melodic line, but rather to the practice of writing a satirical response to an existing poem. Such responses usually employed the same melodies, stanza structures, and rhyme schemes.

Works: Peire d'Uisel: Fraire en Gui, be'm platz vostra cansos (317-18); Peire Cardenal, Ar mi posc eu lauzar d'amor (319, 320), Rics hom que greu ditz vertat e leu men (319); Monk of Montadon: Be'm enoia s'o auzes dire (319-22).

Sources: Giu d'Uisel: Si be'm partetz, mala dompna, de vos (317-18); Guiraut de Bornelh: No posc sofrir qu'a la dolor (319, 320-21); Raimon Jordan: Vas vos soplei, domna, premieramen (319); Bertran de Born: Rassa tan cries e mont'e poja (319-22).

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