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[+] Picker, Martin. "A Josquin Parody by Marc Antonio Cavazzoni." Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis 22 (1979): 157-59.

Though Cavazzoni's canzona for keyboard entitled Plus ne regres has been previously connected to Josquin's Plus nulz regretz, a stronger case can be made that this piece was actually based on Josquin's Plusieurs regretz. In his version, Cavazzoni preserves the opening points of imitation and overall structure of the piece, using this as a point of departure for the composition. The melodic material in the opening is ornamented but clearly recognizable. This is clearly not a mere intabulation for keyboard, but a paraphrase or parody of Josquin's work.

Works: Cavazzoni: Plus ne regres.

Sources: Josquin: Plusieurs regretz.

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