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[+] Rorke, Margaret Ann. "Sacred Contrafacta of Monteverdi Madrigals and Cardinal Borromeo's Milan." Music and Letters 65 (April 1984): 168-75.

Just after the turn of the 17th century, Aquilio Coppini published three consecutive books of spiritual madrigals which were sacred contrafacta of madrigals by Monteverdi. In all the examples discussed in this article, most of the character, structure, syntax, melody, and words of the Italian originals are preserved in the new sacred Latin versions. Inspiration for these sacred recompositions probably came from a request by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, who, in following the sacred reforms instigated by his cousin and predecessor, Cardinal Carlo Borromeo, saw value in using the music of composers of the new baroque style in order to entice worshipers to the faith.

Works: Coppini: Maria, quid ploras (170), Te, Jesu Christe (170), Qui pietate tua dirupisti (170), Qui laudes tuas cantat (170), Luce serena (170), Plorat amare (171), O Jesu mea vita (171).

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