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[+] Sadler, Graham. "Rameau's Harpsichord Transcriptions from Les Indes galantes." Early Music 7 (January 1979): 18-24.

Public disapproval with certain elements of Rameau's Les Indes galantes led the composer in 1735 to issue some of the opera's instrumental music in the form of harpsichord pieces, titled Quatre grands concerts. The collection, largely neglected by scholars, provides insight into Rameau's methods of reworking while filling a chronological gap in the composer's keyboard output. The reworkings are clearly intended for performance on keyboard despite the possibility of performance on multiple instruments. Rameau's modifications to the original pieces are extensive: they involve a general thinning of texture, recomposition of inner lines, significant alterations to accompaniments, mimicry of orchestral textures through chordal writing, and liberal addition of ornamentation idiomatic to the keyboard. In addition, cuts are made in the originals in several locations for the benefit of the new texture.

Works: Rameau: Quatre grands concerts.

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