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[+] Schroeder, David. "Melodic Source Material and Haydn's Creative Process." The Musical Quarterly 68 (October 1982): 496-515.

The melodic source material which Haydn uses provides insight into the creative process. Special attention is paid to the sources which Haydn draws upon (either consciously or unconsciously) in the slow introductions and allegro themes of the symphonies written during or after 1785. The use of these sources arises "naturally from [the composer's] storehouse of material in order to create certain effects or types of character." Slow introductions often show the influence of folk songs and hymns. Allegro themes have an affinity with dance music. Haydn draws upon his national heritage to create works of a strong individual cast. Statements by Mahler and Ravel indicate that Haydn is by no means unique in the manifestation of an aesthetic in which national heritage and individual consciousness meet.

Works: Haydn: Symphony No. 26 (499), Symphony No. 64 (500), Symphony No. 103 (508).

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