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[+] Schwager, Myron. "Some Observations on Beethoven as an Arranger." The Musical Quarterly 60 (January 1974): 80-93.

The rise of musical publishing and the lack of copyright laws in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century strongly encouraged the practice of arranging. Beethoven was an active arranger of his own works, especially those of his early period. He would make unsolicited offers of his adaptations to publishers but would also assume the right to refuse a request for one if so desired. His personal reluctance to arrange works of others did not deter him from seeking the help of others in arranging his own works when time or interest was wanting, but he demanded control over the arranger and the manner of arranging. The criteria for acceptance or rejection of the arrangement were based on the abilities of the arranger. His most satisfactory relationship with a freelance arranger was that with Czerny.

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