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[+] Shamgar, Beth. "Three Missing Months in Schubert's Biography: A Further Consideration of Beethoven's Influence on Schubert." The Musical Quarterly 73, no. 3 ([Summer] 1989): 417-34.

The standard biographies of Schubert are silent about the events that occurred between March and July of 1824. Two works for piano four hands from this period, the Gran Duo in C Major, D. 812 and the Eight Variations on an Original Theme in A-flat major, D. 813, respectively quote from Beethoven's Second and Seventh Symphonies. Schubert is shown to have been present at the Kärntnertor Theatre on the evening of May 7, 1824 when Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was premiered, and Schubert was moved enough to pay tribute to Beethoven in his next two pieces for piano duet mention above. Although transformed into Schubertian sentiments, the borrowed ideas show unmistakably his allegiance to Beethoven's symphonic model. Schubert's quotation of the "Freude" theme from the Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in his "Great" C major Symphony, D. 944 (1825), provides further evidence that Schubert was present at the Ninth's first performance since the score was only published in 1826.

Works: Schubert: Gran Duo in C Major, D. 812 (421-25, 31), Eight Variations on an Original Theme in A-flat Major, D.813 (421-22, 26-29, 31-32), "Great" C major Symphony, D. 944 (432-434).

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