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[+] Silbiger, Alexander. "Scarlatti Borrowings in Handel's Grand Concertos." The Musical Times 125 (February 1984): 93-95.

It is well known that Handel in his Grand Concertos Op. 6 borrowed musical material from the Componimenti musicali of Gottlieb Muffat. In eight examples Handel may also have incorporated music from the Essercizi per cembalo of Domenico Scarlatti. There is no firm evidence that Handel actually saw these particular works of Scarlatti, since he and the Italian composer had no direct contact after Handel left Italy. However, the Scarlatti pieces were published in London between April 1738 and January 1739, and it seems likely that Handel would have maintained an interest in the newest works by his former colleague. Handel wrote his Concertos during September-October 1739. The similarities in themes, key, meter, phrase structure, and register together prove that Handel did see the Essercizi before the composition of several portions of his Grand Concertos.

Works: Handel: Grand Concertos Op. 6: Nos. 1, 5 (93), No. 3 (93-94).

Sources: D. Scarlatti: Essercizi per cembalo: Sonatas nos. 2, 26 (93), Sonata no. 30 (93-94), Sonata no. 15 (94); Muffat: Componimenti musicali (93-94).

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