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[+] Szeker-Madden, Lisa. "Topos, Text, and the Parody Problem in Bach's Mass in B minor, BWV 232." Canadian University Music Review/Revue de musique des universités canadiennes 15 (1995): 108-25.

Bach's choice of the opening chorus from Cantata 12 as the basis for the Crucifixus of the B-minor Mass is based on Aristotelian rhetorical principles. In both instances, there are identical topoi, predicament, and species. The same musical-rhetorical gestures of Cantata 12 are thus appropriate to the Crucifixus as well. Thus Bach's choice of model for parody goes well beyond strictly musical or textual considerations.

Works: Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232: Crucifixus.

Sources: Johann Sebastian Bach: Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen, BWV 12/1.

Index Classifications: 1700s

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