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[+] Walker, Alan. "Schumann, Liszt and the C Major Fantasie, Op. 17: A Declining Relationship." Music and Letters 60 (April 1979): 156-65.

The manuscript discovery of Schumann's revised C Major Fantasy sheds some light on the composer's reasons for revisions. The score, which was originally conceived as a tribute to Beethoven and which thus includes quotations from An die ferne Geliebte in both the first and last movements, in its new version received a dedication to Franz Liszt. Furthermore, Schumann crossed out the titles "Ruinen," "Siegesbogen," and "Sternbild" and deleted the above-mentioned Beethoven quotation that rounded off the final movement, replacing it with an arpeggio ending. Walker suggests that the Liszt dedication was Schumann's reaction to a favorable article Liszt wrote on Schumann's keyboard music in La revue et gazette musicale but also to Liszt's dedication of his newly composed Paganini Studies to Clara. Since Liszt was the driving force behind the plan to erect a statue in the honor of Beethoven, Schumann must have felt that his Fantasy would be the appropriate piece to show his gratitude.

Works: Schumann: Fantasy in C Major, Op. 17.

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