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[+] Ward, Tom R. "Another Mass by Obrecht?" Tijdschrift van de Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis 27 (1977): 102-8.

The Missa Je ne seray is clearly based on Philipet des Pres's Je ne seray plus vert vestus, using the superius of the chanson as the basis for the cantus firmus of the mass. During portions of the mass in which the cantus firmus is not present, other voices of the model are borrowed as melodic material. Comparisons to Obrecht's Missa Fors seulement reveal striking similarities in cantus firmus treatment, quotation of voices other than the cantus firmus, use of ostinato figures, and use of unusual cadential figures. These parallels in compositional approach, especially in the use of the borrowed material, provide strong evidence for the addition of Missa Je ne seray to a list of Obrecht's works.

Works: Obrecht: Missa Je ne seray (102-8), Missa Fors seulement (104-6).

Sources: Philipet des Pres: Je ne seray plus vert vestus (102).

Index Classifications: 1400s

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