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[+] Wilheim, András. "Erik Satie's Gregorian Paraphrases." Studia Musicologica 25 (1983): 229-37.

Satie does not borrow actual Gregorian tunes although there may be some direct quotations in the form of certain melodic steps and turns. He imitated ("paraphrased"), however, the style of the Gregorian tunes as they were arranged by Louis Niedermeyer, i.e., providing each note with a new harmony and preserving the (modal) cadential turns. What he heard from the Benedictines of Solesmes did not influence him at all.

Works: Satie: Ogives (232-35), Four Preludes (233-35), Sonneries de la Rose + Croix (233-35), Messe des pauvres (234-36), Danses gothiques (235).

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