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[+] Breig, Werner. "Heinrich Schütz' Parodiemotette Jesu dulcissime." In Convivium Musicorum: Festschrift Wolfgang Boetticher zum sechzigsten Geburtstag am 19. August 1974, ed. Heinrich Hüschen and Dietz-Rüdiger Moser, 13-24. Berlin: Verlag Merseberger, 1974.

The authorship of the parody motet O Jesu dulcissime, based on Giovanni Gabrieli's motet O Jesu Christe, has long been doubtful. The following features of the parody, however, suggest that Heinrich Schütz is very likely its author. (1) O Jesu dulcissime, which includes contrafactum, reworking of motives, and entirely new passages, is qualitatively equal to Gabrieli's model; (2) the composer often intensified the expression; and (3) the parody shows in several places the character of a study, which is typical for Schütz's concern with Italian music.

Works: Schütz: Der Engel sprach zu den Hirten, SWV 395 (24), Güldne Haare, gleich Aurore, SWV 470 (24), O Jesu süss, SWV 406 (24), Es steh' Gott auf, SWV 356 (24), Psalm No. 11, SWV 34 (24), Ach Herr, du Schöpfer aller Ding, SWV 450 (24).

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