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[+] Wiora, Walter. "Über den religiösen Gehalt in Bruckners Symphonien." In Religiöse Musik in nicht-liturgischen Werken von Beethoven bis Reger, ed. Walter Wiora, 157-84. Regensburg: Gustav Bosse, 1978.

Although Bruckner's piety has been put forth as reason for his use of liturgical music in non-liturgical works, most explanations are too facile. Bruckner's borrowings in his symphonies must be understood in light of his attitude toward other composers, the style of his music in comparison with church music, and his style compared with the beliefs, arts, and institutions of his day. His relationship with Wagner, his foundation in church music, and his fundamentally Romantic harmonic conception are factors, apart from his beliefs, which contributed to his borrowings.

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