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[+] Wolff, Hellmuth Christian. "Mendelssohn and Handel." Translated by Ernest Sanders and Luise Eitel. The Musical Quarterly 45 (April 1959): 175-90.

Though Bach's influence on Mendelssohn has been accepted and documented, the pervasive influence of Handel deserves greater attention. Mendelssohn quoted Handel directly; for example, he took the subject of Handel's overture Semele for his E Minor fugue for piano. He also used Handel's choruses, with their vocally grateful melodies and transparent polyphony, as models for his own works. The intimate connection between the two composers is demonstrated by Mendelssohn's efforts to perform, edit, and publish the music of Handel.

Works: Mendelssohn: Fugue in E Minor for Piano, Op. 35, No. 1 (175), St. Paul (175).

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