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[+] Zimmerman, Franklin B. "Händels Parodie-Ouvertüre zu Susanna: Eine neue Ansicht über die Entstehungsfrage." In Händel-Jahrbuch 24 (1978): 19-30.

Handel based the overture to his oratorio Susanna on John Blow's ode Begin the Song for St. Cecilia's Day (1684). Although Handel included most of Blow's composition, he transformed it into a typically Handelian work. In the grave section, Handel changes the subject slightly and the countersubject substantially; however, he reworks the fugal allegro completely, borrowing only the opening motive. He also modernized his model: he simplified themes, thus making them more suited to effective contrapuntal treatment, and introduced polychoral effects, concerto-grosso-techniques, and new ornaments.

Works: Handel: Acis and Galatea (20), Overture to Susanna (20-29), Agrippina (23-24), Messiah (24), Aci, Galatea e Polifemo (24).

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