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[+] Le Vot, Gérard, and Robert Lug. "Imitations poétiques et adaptations mélodiques chez les Minnesänger." Perspectives Médiévales 16 (June 1990): 19-34.

The authors raise questions about the textual and melodic adaptation of troubadour melodies by German Minnesingers. Hardly any German melodies survive, and since several texts seem to be based on Occitan models in terms of overall sense, scansion, rhyme scheme, and sound of the syllables (correspondances phonématiques), it may be assumed that the texts were sung to the corresponding melodies. However, the number of syllables does not always fit the number of notes, and it is often difficult to decide which of the musical variants should be chosen.

Works: Friedrich von Hausen: Si darf mich des zihen niet (19-21); Heinrich von Morungen: Lange bin ich geweset verdaht (26); Ulrich von Gutenberg: Ich horte ein merlikin wol singen (26-27); Bernger von Horheim: Nu enbeiz ich doch des trankes nie (27-28).

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