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[+] Kieme, Roxanne. “Understanding ‘Omaramor’: An Analysis of Golijov’s Tribute to Carlos Gardel.” M.M. project report, California State University, Long Beach, 2017.

In Omaramor, a work for solo cello, Osvaldo Golijov pays tribute to Carlos Gardel by quoting one of Gardel’s most famous tango songs, Mi Buenos Aires querido. The melody of Gardel’s song is used as the foundation for a fantasy, and the influence of various Argentine dances make this piece a twenty-first century tango interpretation for the cello.

Works: Osvaldo Golijov: Omaramor (9-19).

Sources: Carlos Gardel: Mi Buenos Aires querido (3, 9-12, 16); Anonymous: Milonga (5-6).

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