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[+] Pistone, Danièle. “Emmanuel Chabrier, Opera Composer.” The Opera Quarterly 12, no. 3 (Spring 1996): 17-25.

Considers the origin, reception and influences on Chabrier’s numerous operas, works eclipsed today by his keyboard and orchestral works. Extensive information on Chabrier’s obsession with Wagner, including the influence of specific Wagnerian operas on a wide variety of Chabrier compositions.

Works: Chabrier: L’étoile (17-19), Gwendoline (18-20), Pièces posthumes (19), Prélude pastoral (19), Souvenirs de Munich (19).

Sources: Wagner: Lohengrin (19), Der Ring des Nibelungen (19), Tannhäuser (19), Tristan und Isolde (19), Der Fliegende Holländer (20).

Index Classifications: 1800s

Contributed by: Keith Clifton

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