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[+] Brown, Jennifer Williams. "On the Road with the 'Suitcase Aria': The Transmission of Borrowed Arias in Late Seventeenth-Century Italian Opera Revivals." Journal of Musicological Research 15 (1995): 3-23.

Although aria borrowing was commonplace in opera history, the distinctive feature of the "suitcase aria" was that it was re-used by the same performer. An investigation of opera performances in late seventeenth-century Italy shows that borrowed arias were not transmitted by individual singers but were exchanged between singers. Certain other singers and impresarios maintained an aria repertory and served as brokers for other cast members. A more apt metaphor for this type of collaborative sharing might be the "recycling box" rather than the "suitcase."

Works: Giovanni Legrenzi: Etecole e Polinice (6-7, 11-13), Germanico sul Reno (13-15); Domenico Freschi: L'onor vindicato (6-7); [Carlo Pallavincino?]: Bassiano (8-10); Antonio Cesti: Il Tito (10-11)

Sources: Pietro Andrea Ziani: Il talamo preservato (6-9, 11-13); Domenico Freschi: Sardanapolo (6)

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