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[+] Silbiger, Alexander. “Is the Italian Keyboard intavolatura a Tablature?” Recercare 3 (1991): 81-103.

Intabulating polyphonic music for the keyboard presents certain problems of representation, whether the transcriptions are sixteenth-century arrangements or twentieth-century modern editions. While an intabulation is often thought of as a representation of the original work, in some cases, it might be better to consider it as a recomposition of its source.

Works: Jacques Buus: Recercar primo, Intabulatura d’organo (89); Anonymous (transcriber), Frescobaldi (composer): Capriccio sopra un soggetto in Ravenna, Biblioteca comunale classense, MS Class. 545, fol. 27 (89-90).

Sources: Jacques Buus: Recercar primo, Secondo libro (89); Frescobaldi: Capriccio sopra un soggetto (89-90).

Index Classifications: 1500s, 1600s

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