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[+] Chew, Geoffrey Alexander. "The Night-Watchman's Song quoted by Haydn and its Implications." Haydn-Studien 3 (April 1974): 106-24.

Haydn quotes a particular melody on numerous occasions. The melody is found in many sources from central and eastern Europe and is often called "Der Nachtwächter" or "Hajnal." The melody is often quoted by eighteenth-century composers and often appears in Christmas pastorellas as well. Haydn quotes it in Symphony No. 60; Divertimento a nove (Hoboken II/17); Sextet for Horns and Strings in Eb (original versions of H.II/21); the canonic setting of Hagedorn's Wunsch (H.XVIIb/13), Baryton Trio No. 35 (H.XI/35), Piano Sonata in C# minor (H.XVI/36), and Baryton Duo No. 19 (H.XII/19). Other passages in which the melody is quoted by Haydn may well exist. Haydn's characteristic use of folk material is well demonstrated in these works. Eleven versions of the melody as it appears in the sources are given in examples and all the known sources are listed in the appendix.

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