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[+] Christoffersen, Peter Woetmann. "Or sus vous Dormez trop: The Singing of the Lark in French Chanson of the Early Sixteenth Century." In Festskrift Henrik Glahn. Ed. Mette Müller. Copenhagen: D. Fog Musikforlag, 1979.

Two works titled L'alouette: Or sus vous dormez trop, an anonymous three-part chanson printed by Antico in 1520 and a four-part chanson by Janequin printed by Attaingnant in 1528, share the same text and much musical material. The three-part piece, circulated widely in the early sixteenth century, must have been known to Janequin. Janequin's four-part version has voice crossing problems between the contratenor and superius. It itself may have existed previously as a three-part work, later to be rewritten in haste for Attaingnant's publication. Included in the contratenor of Janequin's four-part work is a quotation of his own Le chant des oyseaux. Through their use of bird-song these pieces bring elements of the popular chanson rustique into the courtly program chanson.

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