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[+] Dalglish, William E. “The Use of Variation in Early Polyphony.” Musica disciplina 26 (1972): 37-51.

The use of variation as a compositional technique in the Middle Ages falls into four broad categories: the variation motet, hocket variations, the ostinato motet, and harmonic ostinato. These categories call into question the belief that composition in the Middle Ages was strictly additive. Many of the works that employ variation technique also borrow material from pre-existing tunes. In addition, hocket variation is one way in which vocal compositions were reworked for instruments.

Works: Anonymous: Plus joliement/Quant li douz/Portare (38-39); Anonymous: Mundi dolens/Tenor (38-40); Anonymous: Sicut a prophetis/Propter (40); Anonymous: Deus tuorum militum/De flore martyrum/Ave Rex Gentis (40-41); Anonymous: Regina celi letare/Ave regina/Ave (45).

Sources: Anonymous: Portare (38-39); Anonymous: Propter (40); Anonymous: Ave Rex Gentis (40-41); Anonymous: Ave (45).

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