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[+] Evans, Edwin. "The Ballets." In The Music of Tchaikovsky, ed. Gerald Abraham, 184-96. 2d ed. New York: W. W. Norton, 1974.

After Tchaikovsky's death the famous choreographer Marius Petipa rearranged the numbers of the composer's ballet Swan Lake for a revival performance. He felt that some additional numbers were necessary and borrowed them from Tchaikovsky's Piano Pieces, Op. 72, namely "L'Espiègle" (no. 12), "Valse Bluette" (no. 11), and "Un poco di Chopin" (no. 15). These pieces were probably orchestrated by Riccardo Drigo, the conductor of the performances at the Marynsky Theater in 1894 (Act II only) and 1895.

Works: Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (192f.).

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