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[+] Ferand, Ernst. "Über verzierte 'Parodiekantaten' im frühen 18. Jahrhundert." In Bericht über den Internationalen Musikwissenschaftlichen Kongress Wien: Mozartjahr 1956, ed. Erich Schenk, 203-15. Graz and Cologne: Hermann Böhlau, 1958. Published in English as "Embellished 'Parody Cantatas' in the Early Eighteenth Century." The Musical Quarterly 44 (January 1958): 40-64.

Ottavio Durante's Duetti da Camera per imperare a cantare are unique examples of what may be called a "parody cantata." These pieces use Alessandro Scarlatti's solo cantatas as models, but use only the recitatives, not the arias. Durante composed extended introductions, and added a number of devices (including imitation, echo, transpositions, modulations, sequences, variations, and original interpolations) to the original. The version of Durante's Duetti da Camera preserved in Rome, Academy of Santa Cecilia, G. Mss. 302, contains written-out vocal embellishments and figured bass realizations that give a good picture of the performance practices of the day.

Works: Ottavio Durante: Duetti da Camera per imperare a cantare

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