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[+] Finscher, Ludwig. "Kampf um die Tradition: Johannes Brahms." In Die Welt der Symphonie, ed. Ursula von Rauchhaupt, 165-74. Braunschweig: G. Westermann Verlag, 1972. English translation by Eugene Hartzell as "The Struggle with Tradition: Johannes Brahms." In The Symphony, ed. Ursula von Rauchhaupt, 165-174. London: Thames and Hudson, 1973.

This article was written to accompany a Deutsche Grammophon set of records on the symphony. It discusses Brahms's symphonies in the style of liner notes for a general audience. Brahms's Symphony No. 3, cited as being influenced by Schumann, includes a "near quotation allusion of the principal theme of the first movement [of Schumann's Rhenish Symphony]."

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