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[+] Foster, Donald. "Parodies on Clérambault Cantatas by Nicolas Grandval." Recherches sur la Musique française classique 4 (1964): 120-26.

Nicholas Racot de Grandval (c. 1676-1753) wrote two cantatas parodying the successful cantatas of Louis-Nicholas Clérambault, Orphée and Léandre et Héro. A third cantata by Grandval, Rien du tout, is a pasticcio on arias by Clerambault and others. Grandval wrote his own texts, quoting and paraphrasing parts of Clerambault's texts for comic effect. (Allez, Orphée, allez, allez becomes Allez, Orphée, allez au Diable.) Grandval incorporated two brief musical quotations from Clérambault in each parody. He used popular tunes of the time as additional musical material.

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