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[+] Fuller, Sarah. “Additional Notes on the 15th-Century Chansonnier Bologna Q16.” Musica Disciplina 23 (1969): 81-103.

The contents of the chansonnier Bologna Q16 probably originate in instrumental music from the fifteenth century. Two pieces in particular undoubtedly stem from instrumental practice. La bassa castiglia is the earliest known polyphonic setting of the basse danse and is built around the familiar tune La Spagna. The second is an arrangement of the upper voice of Dufay’s Le servitor with an additional florid tenor attributed to Hanart. In each of these settings a newly composed voice is far more elaborate than the borrowed tune. Another piece, Vostre amor, may also belong to this group, though the source of the borrowed tune is unidentified.

Works: Anonymous: La bassa castiglya (94); Hanart: Le servitor (94); Anonymous: Vostre amour (95).

Sources: Anonymous: La Spagna (94); Dufay: Le servitor (94).

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