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[+] Girdlestone, Cuthbert. "Rameau's Self-Borrowings." Music and Letters 39 (January 1958): 52-56.

Although there are few examples in Jean-Philippe Rameau's vocal Oeuvre of self-borrowing, there do exist numerous instances of this technique in his operatic symphonies. There are two primary sources for borrowed material: pieces that he had already published for solo harpsichord, with or without other instruments; and symphonies from earlier operas. Borrowing of material for symphonies was especially prominent during revivals of existing operas. Rameau's technique of self-borrowing is fundamentally different from that of Bach and Handel in that the original and new work tend to serve similar functions.

Works: Rameau: Les Fêtes de Ramire (54-55), Les Fêtes d'Hébé (55), Les Indes galantes (55).

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