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[+] Gudmundson, Harry Edwin. "Parody and Symbolism in Three Battle Masses of the Sixteenth Century." Ph.D. diss., University of Michigan, 1976.

Three battle Masses, Janequin's Missa La Bataille, Guerrero's Missa De la batalla escoutez, and Victoria's Missa pro Victoria, are based on Janequin's chanson La Bataille escoutez or La Guerre, and motives from or references to the model are shown to appear throughout the movements of all three. Transcriptions of the Masses by Janequin and Guerrero appear in the appendix.

Works: Janequin: Missa La Bataille (48-131, 251-94); Guerrero: Missa De la batalla escoutez (132-96, 295-348); Victoria: Missa pro Victoria (197-241).

Index Classifications: 1500s

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