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[+] Hager, Nancy. "The First Movements of Mozart's Sonata, K. 457 and Beethoven's Opus 10, No. 1: A C Minor Connection?" The Music Review 47 (May 1986/87): 89-100.

Distinctive similarities suggest that the first movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata, K.457 was an inspiration for Beethoven's Opus 10, No. 1. Although no documentation proves Beethoven knew Mozart's Sonata, distinct parallels between the works, including their moods pathos and dramatic intensity, overall shape of primary themes, large-scale structure, and tonal planning suggest he not only knew the work of his predecessor, but also had a profound understnding of it.

Works: Beethoven: Piano Sonata, Op. 10, No. 1; Mozart: K.309, K.311, K.576 (95).

Sources: Mozart: Piano Sonata, K.457.

Index Classifications: 1700s

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