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[+] Heartz, Daniel. "Au pres de vous: Claudin's Chanson and the Commerce of Publishers' Arrangements." Journal of the American Musicological Society 24 (Summer 1971): 193-225.

Duo and trio chansons are usually derived from the text and top part of a chanson for four parts. Au pres de vous is typical. First appearing as a four-part piece in Attaingnant's collection Chansons nouvelles (1528), it was reprinted by Attaingnant and others several times in this format. Later it was substantially reworked in fewer-voice arrangements. As Heartz points out, "A composition of such neatness and clarity, such concision and elegance of detail, offered perfect grist for the arranger's mill." A three-part version from an incomplete publication of Attaingnant, later copied into Moderne's Parangon . . . Quart livre (1539) includes the original superius surrounded by two canonic parts. A duo arrangement in Rhaw's second book of Bicinia also may come from a previous Attaingnant publication, the missing Quarante et quatre chansons à deux, ou duo, chose delectable aux fleustes (1529). Like the three-part arrangement, this duo keeps the superius intact and adds a lower voice that derives much of its material from the original tenor. These few-voiced chansons were meant for the growing market of amateur players and singers.

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