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[+] Holman, Hans-Jürgen. "Melismatic Tropes in the Responsories for Matins." Journal of the American Musicological Society 16 (Spring 1963): 36-46.

A comparison of the great responsories for Matins in various western European codices from the tenth to thirteenth centuries suggests that the melismatic closes were conceived as musical tropes. Such melismas were also transferred in whole or part from one responsory to another. Evidence for the conception of these melismas as tropes includes their appearance in a fixed point of the respond, a melodic repeat structure foreign to the style of the neumatic and syllabic parts of the responsories, and stylistic differences to the respond even when repeat structure is not present.

Works: Responsory: O pastor apostolice (36-38), Sanctissimi martyris Stephani (36-37, 39), Electus est dilectus (39), Filie ierusalem (39), Christe miles preciosus (45). Related works: Respond: Ego pro te rogavi (44), Hic est discipulus (44-45), Sine lumbi vestry (44-45), Symon bariona tu vocaberis (45-46).

Sources: Responsory: Descendit de celis (36-37), Cuthbertus puer bone indolis (39), Hec est ierusalem (39).

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